Trump Tower Vancouver Construction Update

It’s been just over six months since the official launch of Trump Tower Vancouver and already there’s been a lot of progress at the site. Go down West Georgia St. and you’ll see what we’re talking about – they’ve built their way up to the 8th floor already and are now pouring concrete. Who knows, they might even be done with it by the time we post this update.

Also, the first panes of glass have started to go up. This building is going to have plenty of glass, by the way. According to reports, some of the highest floors are going to have 50-ft.-long walls of windows. Now that’s going to be some view. We’d also like to note that this has got to be one of the cleanest and most well-run construction sites in Vancouver, which is doubtless something that the rest of the neighbourhood appreciates.

Trump Tower Vancouver Photos 3

Trump Tower Vancouver Construction Photos 1

Trump Tower Vancouver Construction Photos 2

Who’s in the Neighbourhood?

Speaking of neighbours, one of Trump Vancouver’s biggest draws – apart from all those luxe features mentioned in our previous post – is its undeniably convenient central location. The tower is going to be in pretty good company. Just down the street is the Shangri-La Hotel, which also contains residential units and is currently the tallest building in B.C. On the next street over is the renowned Loden Hotel, recently ranked among the world’s best in Condé Nast Traveler’s 2013 Gold List.  Then there’s a cluster of high-end retailers mere minutes away. These include Burberry, Escada, DeBeers, Tory Burch, Brooks Brothers, Coach, Hermès, Tiffany & Co., Mont Blanc, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, St. John, and Christian Dior, among others.

We’ll be keeping you posted on further updates!



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